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The precious stone Lolite extracts its name from the Greek derivative "ion" that means "violet". The color of this stunning stone is blue that is predominantly purplish. The more the concentration of the shade, the higher is the value of the precious stone. This is brought in large quantities in the regions like India, Sri Lanka, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Brazil. This valuable stone is also recognized as the "stone of the Vikings". It is believed that the Vikings revealed the deposits of this precious stone in the primitive locations of Green land and Norway.

Iolite Diamond

It is alleged that the Viking excavators 1st utilized this jewel as a tool or a gadget for directions. The sailors used petite pieces of Lolite as polarizing filters. The "Lolite lenses" assisted them to position the precise location of the sun, so that they possibly will plot a course securely for their purpose. The eminence that makes this precious stone so fashionable to the Vikings is the pleochroism. The attractive Lolite jewel may rapidly develop to be sought after costume jewelry in the near future.


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